Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sequence Logic

An inside look at the Sequence Logic Box by Jesse Born - the mechanism and logic bars revealed to demonstrate the craftsmanship and ingenuity.  Click away if you don't want to know.  

Sliders bars on front manipulate the locks

The locks released and the top removed

Inside, a clever locking pin can be removed to allow access to the external logic bars

The sliders removed. You can see the stops as well on the front of the box.

Logic bars can be rearranged to create a completely new sequence.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Shoomaker

I've gotten a few requests about how I create my whimsical cocktail garnishes from citrus peels, so here is a glimpse into the process.  This garnish is meant to recall a cobbler, or shoe maker, and decorated a Gin Rickey, which was created and made famous in the late 1800's at Shoomaker's bar in Washington DC.

Fresh citrus informs the color palette

For large areas I cut a swath of peel and scrape off the pith

All designs start with a drawing.  A fine scissor is my secret weapon.

Meyer lemon peel is incredibly soft and pliable 

Design taking shape

Adding movement with separate pieces works well

For smaller pieces a Y-peeler does the trick

Little details add a lot

And the cherry on top!

Securing everything on a bamboo skewer helps stabilize the design for the final presentation

And viola! Cheers!

For the Gin Rickey history and soothing "Roll Box" which accompanies it see the full article at:
Boxes and Booze: Roll with it!