Monday, September 19, 2016

Ahoy Mateys - The Pirate Translator

Bung your eye – drink a dram until your eye is bunged up
Death’s head upon a mop stick – to look awful
Dowse on the chops – punch in the face
Eternity box – coffin
Flummery – mush of oatmeal, or useless compliments
Flush in the pocket – full of money
Frummagemmed - Choked, strangled, suffocated, or hanged
Guzzle guts – drunkard
Heart’s ease – gin
Higgledy piggledy – mixed up, confused
Hobbledygee - A pace between a walk and a run, a dog-trot
Huckle My Buff - Beer, egg, and brandy, made hot. (like flip)
Jackanapes – ugly apish fellow
Keelhauled – dragged under the keel (punished)
Odd-come-shortlys - I’ll do it one of these odd-come-shortly’s; I will do it some time or another.
Oliver’s scull – a chamber pot
Owl in an ivy bush – frazzled hair (wig), insult
Picaroon – scoundrel
Prittle-prattle – insignificant talk
Quick and nimble – insult of the opposite
Quirks and Quillets – tricks and devices
Ragamuffin - A ragged fellow, one all in tatters, a tatterdemalion
Ribaldry – vulgar talk
Rum – fine, good
Rum bluffer – jolly host
Scragged – hanged
Sluice your gob – take a hearty drink
Sly boots – a cunning fellow
Bamboozle – to fool, to trick
To feather one’s nest – to enrich oneself
Spiflicate – confound
Wry Neck Day – hanging day
Carouser, rapscallion, scallywag, Admiral of the Black, scourge of the seven seas – insulting terms
Hearties – endearing term
Kill devil, Nelson’s folly  - rum
Give no quarter – never yield
Hang the jib – act sad, frown
Loaded to the gunwalls – drunk
Motherload – booty
Run a rig – play a trick
Scuttlebutt – gossip
Splice the main brace – have a drink or few
Squiffy – drunk

Weigh anchor – leave port, set sail

All definitions taken from The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, originally by Francis Grose circa 1811 and compiled and edited on the official Talk Like a Pirate site:

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